Back to School with a Little Something New

by Michele Butler on July 27, 2021

When students return to school this year, they will experience a slight change in their schedules. Each week, on Wednesdays, students will be released approximately 35 minutes early.

The purpose for this schedule change is to provide a district-wide window of time for our staff to meet regularly in collaborative teams. While in team meetings, teachers focus on the following work: developing curriculum; improving instruction and assessments; and identifying students who would benefit from intervention or enrichment learning supports. Ultimately, this work will result in better instruction and higher student achievement.

We realize that schedule changes, especially for our youngest students, can be challenging for our families. In response to this potential need, we are offering child care through our After School Club program as an option for kindergarten through 3rd grade students who require supervision during the Wednesday early release.

If you have questions about child care coverage on Wednesday’s, please contact your school building during our Registration Days.

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