Counseling Office

Welcome to the High School Counseling Office!

Welcome to the High School Counseling Office!


To provide a comprehensive school counseling program designed to address the social, emotional, educational and career development needs of all students.


To support all students as they work toward achieving their academic and career goals and assist them in overcoming the obstacles they face along the way.

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Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau High School
G-E-T High School Counseling Office

17511 N Main St,

Galesville, WI 54630

(608) 582-2291

(608) 406-2210

Jen Pinnow School Counselor (Last names A-K)

(608) 582-2291 x1060

Madeline Vinzant School Counselor (Last names L-Z)

(608) 582-2291 x1062

Sheryl Byom Counseling Office Secretary

(608) 582-2291 x1058

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